New England Securities Arbitration Hearing Locations: Where Are They and How Many Hearings Have Been Held?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Each New England state has its own securities arbitration hearing location, although the parties can stipulate to change the location (with arbitrator approval) at their cost.  The locations in each of the New England states and the number of awards appearing on FINRA's Arbitration database online for each location are as follows:

Maine: Augusta (8)
Massachusetts: Boston (513)
New Hampshire: Manchester (17)
Vermont: Montpelier (7)
Rhode Island: Providence (18)
Connecticut: Hartford (98)

The Boston location has been in use the longest, and that biases the results but only to a point -- over 200 hearings have been held in Boston since 2006, after all of the other hearing locations in New England had gone live.  The Hartford hearing location came on line in March 2004, followed by Providence (December 2004), and Augusta, Manchester, and Montpelier (March 2005).

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